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Article: 5 best stretching exercises for back pain

Femme fitness exercices stretching soulager mal de dos

5 best stretching exercises for back pain

Often considered "the evil of the century", back pain affects more than 90% of the population. We often hear that to relieve back pain, you should not move more or play sports. On the contrary, this received idea is absolutely false! The movement has been elected by the Health Insurance the number 1 treatment for low back pain with or without sciatica. It is still necessary to know which exercises to favor to avoid and prevent pain. Reaverfit presents you with several simple and very effective movements to practice as many times as you wish.

Say goodbye to your back pain with these 5 home stretching exercises.

These are basically different stretches that will help you strengthen your muscles and relax the area. After a few days, you will notice that the pain will gradually subside until it is completely gone. However, read the instructions carefully so that you can perform them correctly.

・Exercise #1: Child Pose – 1 minute

Child's pose stretching exercise fight back pain

This is a well-known yoga pose, but you've probably practiced it a number of times as part of a workout or when you were still in school in gym class. It consists of gently stretching the lumbar muscles, which can be retracted.

To do this, start by placing your hands and knees on the floor, your hands should be under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Carefully and slowly, stretch your arms forward and rest the palm of your hand on the floor. In the same slow motion, begin to sit back on your heels, lowering your head and chest as you extend your arms further.

If you find it difficult to do this, you can place a cushion under the abdominal area, in order to get a little help and not to overstretch the lower back. Hold the position for about 60 seconds for each repetition.

·Exercise #2: Lower back twist – 2 x 45 seconds

Lower back twist stretching exercise fight back pain

This exercise will not only help you stretch your lower back, it is also effective for the glutes, which are often put under strain during back pain.

Start by lying on your back on the floor, your knees should be bent and your feet flat on the floor. Proceed to extend your arms to each side to form a "T". Your shoulders should stay close to the floor. Gradually start turning your knees to the side to form a right angle (for a more intense stretch, cross your legs). Stay in this position for at least 45 seconds, return to the starting position and repeat the movement, but on the opposite side.

This can be a little difficult depending on the intensity of your lower back pain, in which case place a pillow or a few blankets under your knees each time you rotate them to either side.

·Exercise N°3: Knees on chest – 30 seconds

Egg pose stretching exercise fight back pain

Like the previous ones, it is an exercise that lengthens the contracted muscles of the back, obtaining the necessary relaxation to avoid pressure and make the pain disappear.

Again, lie on your back on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Your hands should be on or behind your knees, just below the kneecap, now start to slowly bring your knees back towards your chest, with the help of your hands, slowly bring your knees back towards your chest or as close to your chest as possible. Wait 20 to 30 seconds and slowly return to the starting position.

·Exercise N°4: Pose of the cat and the cow – 2x 20 seconds

Cat pose stretching exercise fight back pain

This is an exercise that starts from the posture of the child, it is perfect to move the muscles of the lower back in two directions. To start, you should place your hands and knees on the floor, your hands will be just below your shoulders and your knees below your hips.

Your spine remains parallel to the floor in this pose. When you have the correct position, you will begin to round your back, stretching its central part between the shoulder blades, the position will mimic that of a cat when it stretches and curves its back.

cow pose stretching exercise fight back pain

To get the desired results, try to hold the position for about 5 seconds. After this time, relax and let your belly drop as you slowly arch your lower back (cow pose) opening your chest and raising your head: hold the position for another 5 seconds.

·Exercise N°5: The bridge – 30 seconds

Bridge pose stretching exercise fight back pain

Lie on the floor on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Relax your lower back and hold it in a neutral position. To do this, you should feel a slight bend in your lower back if you place your hand under your back. Raise your back maintaining a straight position, your arms will be fully extended at the sides and your feet will be straight and flat on the floor.

Slowly come back up and then return to the starting position by gently lowering back down. It is important that you do this very slowly, vertebra by vertebra. This will get your muscles moving and help you stretch them better. Hold the position for a few breaths.

Start your anti-back pain routine now!

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