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Article: Why Diets Make You Fat: Mistakes to Avoid

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Why Diets Make You Fat: Mistakes to Avoid

Losing weight seems difficult and very often diets turn into an obsession. We adopt rigid rituals in a religious way and we begin to believe in miraculous options, to adopt bad eating habits... According to various studies carried out by professional nutritionists, at least 10% of people who follow a diet end up weighing more than at the beginning and up to 95% of people who lose weight regain it within five years.

If you're looking for the secret to weight loss, the answer is simple: adopt healthy habits and an exercise program tailored to your needs.

Why are diets not recommended for long-term weight loss?

The initial reason is that when we talk about "dieting", most think of frustration and eliminating a lot of foods from their daily meals, even skipping a few or suppressing hunger pangs. When a professional assures you that a diet will only make you gain more weight, he is referring to diets that are too strict.

More importantly, you must understand that your body needs certain fats and calories that you cannot cut out in any way because you will decrease the energy you have. Ideally, just replace saturated fat with natural options, like avocado and nuts, which will give you the amount your body needs to stay healthy. It is advisable to consume starchy foods before workouts or in the morning to help you stay full and provide your body with energy.

In summary, you should not eliminate any foods from your diet, just consume them responsibly.

Common mistakes when starting a new diet

To give you a better understanding of why diets can be your number one enemy when trying to lose weight, here are some of the mistakes you tend to make when starting a new diet.

・Mistake No. 1: Not choosing a diet that suits your body

It is not good to look for a diet on the Internet and start following it. This is the first mistake, just like asking a friend about the diet he followed to lose weight. Each diet plan is created for a different body type and needs, so what worked for your parent may not work for you.

It is recommended to speak to a professional who can offer you a personalized plan, taking into account your age, gender, lifestyle, weight and height. The mission is to eat fewer calories than you're able to burn in a day (known as being in a "calorie deficit"), and only a personalized plan can achieve that.

Error N°2: Always eat the same thing

Another point to avoid is eating the same foods every day, preparing identical meals morning and evening. Ultimately, this boring diet will make you want to reach for a few treats even more between meals.

It is not necessary to eat only turkey, broccoli and lettuce salad every day. A varied diet including fruits and vegetables is the secret to weight loss. It is clear that by combining it with a sports activity, you will begin to obtain the expected results. There is no magic formula!

why diets make you fat mistakes to avoid bodybuilding fitness

Error No. 3: Excessively reduce portions

Certainly, to lose your excess pounds, you must consume fewer calories than you expend in a day, but reducing your portions excessively to absorb as few calories as possible is not the solution! You should know from the start that reducing your portions too much will slow down your metabolism and therefore make you gain weight.

Yes, you have understood it correctly, not eating enough makes you fat! When you undernourish, your body sounds the alarm, thinking it has to deal with a lack to come. It will then store part of your food to create reserves to be able to draw from it if necessary.

Please note that we do not recommend eating more than necessary. The miracle equation for losing weight remains the calorie deficit stated above. But it's important to keep in mind that undernourishment is counterproductive. Instead, the secret is to choose foods that keep you full for several hours and provide you with the amount of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and calories you need.

Error N°4: Just go on a diet and forget the sport

It is true that in order to lose weight, you have to eat properly and avoid certain processed foods which only slow down the process. But you can imagine, that's not all! Physical activity is also a fundamental point of the process, because without it you will achieve results more slowly, and you also risk losing muscle mass.

Ultimately, you may end up feeling tired, weak, and have a slower metabolism. And we know that's not what you want. So start with a simple workout of at least 30 minutes a day, and you'll start building your stamina and building it up.

No need to inflict a fitness program of 2 hours a day, to last over time and not let go after two weeks, it is necessary to clearly identify your tastes and go gradually.

So how to lose weight other than by dieting?

The answer is simple: by changing your daily habits and aiming for the calorie deficit. The first step is to eliminate the sedentary lifestyle from your life, which is one of the main reasons why it is so difficult for you to get rid of the pounds you have put on, the reason is clear: your metabolism slows down.

On the other hand, it is essential to get used to eating healthy and to enjoy it, do not see it as a big effort because you will end up giving up.

Learn how to replace your favorite foods with a healthier version, you will see that in no time you will no longer think of it as a diet. Finally, physical training is essential, start practicing a sport that holds your attention, you will be more motivated.


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