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Article: 7 good reasons to start running

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7 good reasons to start running

Training yourself to run for at least 30 minutes regularly is an effective way to improve your fitness and ensure that you stay healthy. According to experts, 50% of people who start running give up within the first two months. If you're in that percentage, it's time to find the motivation you need and start over.

Running is one of the sports that makes you feel better after doing it. According to professionals, this physical exercise is even able to put you in a good mood. However, we know how hard it is to get into the habit of running every day, but here are 7 reasons that will help you get motivated.

7 benefits of running and good reasons why you should go running!

Running benefits your body, mind and soul. And it's not us who say it! A lot of scientific evidence that you can find on official websites or from sports professionals guarantees it.

・Benefit #1: If you're looking to lose weight, starting a run is a great ally.

One of the demonstrations made by professionals in the sector is that running is the best way to keep in shape and eliminate the pounds that have been put on over time. Also, the results you get can be maintained for longer.

The rebound effect with this discipline is not very well known, because the results will be obtained gradually and according to the intensity that you put in each practice. In addition to this, you will improve your endurance, strengthening the heart and strengthening the respiratory faculties.

Running 30 minutes a day at medium to high intensity will burn enough fat. However, do not forget to accompany it with a balanced diet.

・Benefit #2 : Strengthen your muscles

If you are a fitness enthusiast, remember that running daily or at least three times a week strengthens and tones your muscles, especially those in your lower body. Over the months you will notice that your calves, thighs and buttocks will become much stronger and more toned.

Plus, it's a myth that you're affecting your knees and hamstrings if you run daily - the truth is, you're making them stronger and keeping them healthy. As the years pass, you may not have those nagging knee pains that come with age. 

・Benefit #3 : Running is an effective way to reduce stress

Even if you are very tired and you think you won't be able to go for a run after your day's work, when you start without thinking the first time, you will not be able to give it up the next times, because it is an exercise that helps you recover the vital energy that you lost during your working hours.

It is also an activity that allows you to clear your mind, to remove worries and common problems that arise. After 10 minutes of running, you'll start to feel less overwhelmed, less worried, and less tired. Running in the great outdoors or in a nearby park will boost your mood even further.

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・Benefit #4 : Running Reduces Sleep Problems

And why not sleep better? One of the most common sleep disorders in the world is insomnia, which is often linked to stress and worries in life. When you go for a run or another physical activity, you are physically exhausted and you need to recover your energy.

In short, your body will give in on its own, and you'll be able to fall asleep faster while enjoying better quality sleep. By sleeping, your muscles will also rest, your mind will clear a little and you will feel more rested the next day.

・Benefit #5: Running is a great way to extend your life

Have you heard that physical exercise improves your vitality? It's absolutely true: keeping moving helps you stay healthy, and that's a great long-term benefit. The risks of suffering from cardiovascular or brain-related diseases decrease considerably. Running regularly strengthens your immune system and improves your blood circulation, while reducing the risk of disease.

To have a scientific basis on this subject, it is enough to know the studies carried out by Brigham Young University, which show how people who exercise manage to delay the aging of their cells.

・Bonus #6: A happy mind, body, and soul!

Most of us aim to stay healthy, build endurance, and stay fit, three goals that you can easily achieve through running. It is one of the oldest sports in the world, and it is not for nothing that there are so many competitions in this field.

Quite often, when runners are asked what they remember about their running experience, most agree on the same thing: running is the best way to stay healthy, happy and active.

Running activates all parts of your body, all your muscles work and get toned, and you release stress, which is the main reason you feel better. Over the years, even if you stop or no longer practice regularly, your endurance and physical performance will not disappear so easily.

・Benefit #7: Memory problems can go away

We do not mean that you are completely free from it - genetic factors also play an important role in this type of disease. However, when you exercise and include running in your training, you are less likely to suffer from memory problems.

The oxygenation of your brain is ideal during each training session. Plus, it's something that usually goes hand in hand with a healthy diet, so your entire body will, most of the time, be totally healthy.

We believe that the most important thing for everyone is to have optimal health, and by exercising you can achieve this, avoiding not only diseases related to the mind but also cardiovascular diseases, bone calcification problems, among others.

How can you always stay motivated?

For many, the most complicated point is motivation. You often start out very enthusiastic, but if over the months you don't have something that pushes you day after day to keep going, sooner or later you'll give up.

The best recommendation is to set goals , equip yourself with good sportswear (improve your endurance, reach 1 hour of running, participate in a half-marathon…), not to run alone, and you will see that you will no longer want to give up!

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