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Our mission


More than just a French brand of sportswear for women, Reaverfit offers a state of mind .

Our company was created with one mission in mind: to encourage daring women to surpass themselves in order to follow their ambitions, achieve their goals and achieve their dreams.

Our vision is to empower women to feel good about themselves and their lives. We sincerely believe that a healthy and vibrant life is the key to flourishing, asserting ourselves and shining in all aspects of life.

Reaverfit aims to inspire women to take care of themselves, believe in their own potential and feel confident and strong.

• • •

Along with our commitment to inspiring women to live more active lives, our goal is to provide you with the highest quality athleisure apparel that goes with you in everything you do, lets you be who you want to be, express yourself as you wish, without feeling limited by codes.

Reaverfit offers you pieces that are both casual and feminine , suitable for the gym and for everyday life. Minimalist and timeless creations for an active lifestyle .

Our team is attentive to your needs and makes it a point of honor to offer you parts that meet your expectations in terms of durability, elasticity, resistance, compression and design.

Convinced that sportswear and athleisure can be a real asset of self-confidence, we attach particular importance to the design of our products. We know that feeling beautiful and enhanced in your outfit is a driving force for motivation. This is why Reaverfit aims to prove that it is finally possible to combine sport and fashion, without skimping on comfort and quality!

• • •

We want to give women a sense of belonging to a community that supports them, encourages them and inspires them to achieve their aspirations . A community of strong, confident and daring women who encourage each other to live healthy, fulfilling lives.

Join us on this adventure and become the best version of yourself!

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