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Article: How do you exercise when you don't have time? 7 tips

Femme sport exercice rapide quand on a pas le temps

How do you exercise when you don't have time? 7 tips

You have no free time , a busy schedule? You have a great professional and family responsibility. However, you are aware of the benefits of exercise and you don't want to stop doing it . But when it's time to do it, you just don't want to. In this article, we'll show you how to exercise when you don't have time .

Exercise throughout the day, make it a routine.

Surprisingly, people who exercise every day often don't realize how little time they have to exercise. Simply because it is an obligation for them, they do it. After all, they don't pretend they don't have time to brush their teeth. The difference is that sport has taken an important place in their lives. This is valid for you too.

It doesn't have to be heavy endurance exercise, but a quick workout is still okay . If you only spend a few minutes a day on your health, you will always get better results than if you do nothing .

Quick ways to stay in shape

We all understand how difficult it can be to find time for sport between the responsibilities of home, family, friends and career. However, you should stick with it and not give up too soon. In addition to improving mood and reducing stress levels, exercise also helps keep you healthy . Think of sport as an escape for a few minutes . You can include sport in your demanding daily life by using these strategies:

1/ Planning is the most essential first step

The less time you have, the smarter you need to organize your time. Even if it's only a small workout of 15 minutes or even 30 minutes at home , each training session must be planned in your calendar. The best thing is to do a short session using as many muscles as possible .

2/ Adapt your goals

You definitely need to modify and adapt your athletic goals , especially if you don't have a lot of time to exercise. Even though it should be modest, a goal is essential .

There's nothing more disheartening than failing to achieve your goals. Your motivation, already weak, collapses. You will get better results if you set fewer goals. Do you want to take up running? Start with short 20-minute runs, then increase the duration when you feel ready. The goal is to practice any sports and physical activity on a regular basis.

Of course, you can do all your sports sessions both in the gym and at home.

3/ You are what you consume

The point often perceived as unpleasant is that your diet matters all the more since you have little time to devote to your health and to yourself. It is very difficult to realize that. Unfortunately, fast foods and sweets are too often the companions of anxious people. As a result, you are moving further and further away from your ideal weight.

Especially since the vicious circle begins when you don't exercise enough. The most valuable advice is to drink a lot if time is limited. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water or more per day . The feeling of hunger decreases and, therefore, you have more energy.

4/ Increase the intensity of your sessions, not their time!

Intensity trumps duration if your exercise time is limited and you're not totally new to it. After you harden your workout, you can shorten it. High intensity interval training is recommended (HIIT) . You'll sweat and feel your muscles burn in short but focused sessions.

The best exercises are challenging, total-body routines that can be done without weights and that target multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Jumping jacks are good for building endurance , and planks , push-ups , and squats are good for building muscle. Find videos on the Internet of HIIT sessions, and you will quickly feel the difference!

Sport woman HIIT fast training outdoor exercise

5/ Do as much exercise as possible with active walking.

To maintain at least your base level of fitness, you absolutely need to take 8,000 steps a day . If you exceed 10,000 steps, you can skip many less demanding workouts. Active walking also helps oxygenate the mind and reduce stress.

6/ Take advantage of the benefits of sport

You shouldn't see sport as a chore. Sport is enjoyable and beneficial to your physical and mental health , so why not get some exercise in your limited leisure time? Family bike rides or weekend tennis games with friends or as a couple can be a lot of fun.

7/ Play sports at your workplace between noon and two?

Doing physical activity between noon and two provides many advantages and benefits.

During the day, exercising can help fight fatigue . It does not interrupt the nocturnal rest; instead, it helps you fight daytime lethargy . Playing sports during your lunch break allows you to concentrate on your work without becoming sedentary throughout the afternoon and evening.

Because most sports take place in the morning, they allow you to take a break from your work during the day and free up your evening .

What sport should people do on their break?

Exercising is the best way to take a break from your work day. You can jog, walk or even go to the gym if you are lucky enough to have a gym next to or in your workplace!

Lack of time to exercise? It may change

People often put obstacles in their own way. You can easily incorporate a few of the above tips into your daily life if you want to make exercise a priority again. And here's a little bit of advice by the way: it's very useful to think about your motivation for playing sports. So think about this: why should I encourage myself to exercise, what do I want to get out of it, and what benefits would I get from increasing my physical activity ?

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