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Article: Bodybuilding, an effective way to lose weight

Femme cardio musculation perte de poids

Bodybuilding, an effective way to lose weight

You are probably wondering how to burn fat that has accumulated in different parts of your body over time. Above all, forget the fad diets in which you have to cut out many foods and which will only make you gain twice as much weight in a short time. Discover bodybuilding which is one of the best allies for weight loss.

It's time to let go of the belief that free weights are just for men, and that if a woman trains to lift heavy weights, she will only get a muscular and developed body that will take all her femininity away from her. Here's why it's a good idea to add strength training to your workout.

Strength training allows you to wake up your whole body in a single session.

For a long time it was believed that fat loss only required cardiovascular exercises, due to their known benefits for improving heart health and fitness. However, strength training is perfect for all of this and more: not only does it help you burn fat, but it also gives you long-term endurance and tone.

When you include strength training in your workout along with other muscle-strengthening exercises, you're not only focusing on exercising specific muscles, but you're also incorporating movements that benefit your entire body. In other words, when you do an arm workout, you're not only working your biceps, you're also improving your posture, muscle mass, core core, and strengthening your bones.

A recent study reveals that nearly two thirds of French people say they have a more sedentary lifestyle than before the health crisis. Repeated confinements may have accentuated inactivity, maintaining regular physical activity is essential. Office jobs are among the least mobile of all and the first identified causes of back pain are poor posture at the workstation and stress related to the professional environment. Back pain is largely linked to a sedentary lifestyle, lack of change in posture and physical activity.

Strength training can go a long way to improving your quality of life and giving you the strength and balance you need to sit down and get up from your seat without help or pain.

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How much strength training do you need to lose weight?

To burn calories and eliminate accumulated fat, you can simply start testing the weight machines in your gym and devote about thirty minutes to them after your cardio session (treadmill, elliptical trainer, running) if you are into it. In the beginning, avoid lifting too heavy or doing more repetitions than your body allows, it is counterproductive and the risk of injury is very high. Take the time to perform your gesture well and concentrate on the contraction of your muscle.

According to many trainers, the secret is to push fatigue to the threshold of muscle failure, but not to the point of injury. You will therefore need the help of a professional who can assess your condition and start defining suitable repetitions and exercises.

Over time you will be able to increase the amount of weight and double the reps as desired, this is not a practice where you will see results overnight. However, when you train with weights, you speed up your metabolism and adapt your muscles, which will help you maintain your results for longer.

Rest is essential for muscle growth

Remember that the body also needs rest and your muscles need to relax. Forget bodybuilding every day at the same intensity. If you follow a diet to lose fat, the ideal is to do a mixed cardio-strength training.

Your metabolism increases by about 20% within 48 hours of each weight training session, which is nearly 800 extra calories for the average person. However, rest is essential when practicing strength training. Give your body at least one rest day a week and don't work the same muscles two days in a row.

In effective weight loss, diet is 80% of the work

We've talked a lot about the benefits of training with weights and increasing sessions over time. However, if you don't accompany this with good eating habits, you won't get the best results no matter how hard you train. Food is 80% important when you want to have a healthy body and get rid of excess pounds.

In general, weight gain is caused by a diet high in calories, saturated fats and sugars. To start, you need to know how many calories you are capable of burning each day and avoid going over them. The goal is to opt for a food rebalancing rather than a diet and to burn more calories than you accumulate. In other words, you should definitely create a calorie deficit about 20% below your maintenance level.

The Weight Loss Equation = Strength Training + Healthy Eating + Calorie Deficit + Rest

The best way to acquire good eating habits is to find a diet plan online or consult a dietician who is the best person to guide you through this process. It will suggest different meals made up of healthy foods that you can include in your diet and tell you which ones you should avoid consuming on a daily basis.

Learn the basics of healthy and gourmet cooking by gradually changing your habits, without feeling frustrated or depriving yourself and after about 3 months you will start to see good results in your body and attitude.

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