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Article: 8 tips for staying in shape while on vacation

8 conseils pour rester en forme pendant les vacances

8 tips for staying in shape while on vacation

We know how much you appreciate the efforts and sacrifices you have made for so long to get closer to your goals. Practicing physical activity and having a good diet are two essential points for leading a healthy and balanced life over the long term. But one factor is just as important : rest . That's why, after working hard on your fitness activities, it's normal for you to want to take a little break during vacations or parties .

However, taking a vacation doesn't have to mean throwing away all the progress you've made so far. There are methods or small actions that you can implement to maintain the physical form that you have worked so hard for, while enjoying your free time without worrying about it. That's why, through this article, here are some ways to maintain your shape while enjoying your vacation.

Tip #1: Before you start feeling guilty

With the end of the year holidays approaching, it can be difficult to be regular in your sports activities. Between the desire to stay warm at home and the constant temptations to indulge yourself on your plate, you may feel tired of constantly having to deprive yourself or of not being able to do so. Discipline and regularity are two essential qualities, however, it is also important to know how to relax your efforts from time to time. Remember, it's just about finding a balance that works for you so you can hold on over time.

Tip #2: Accept a few exceptions

Choosing to take a (well-deserved) sports break means learning to be more indulgent with yourself. Holidays and the end of the year celebrations are a good time to take a rest. This break will help you stay motivated and regain your strength to start again when you return to school.

Although it may seem contradictory, it is therefore not at all bad to want to give in to certain pleasures (in moderation).

Tip N°3: Set or recall your monthly goal

Very often, living a healthy life comes down to setting a clear goal. Whether you plan to improve your fitness, improve your health, or gain discipline, it's important to be specific about your goal . Similarly, during the holidays, try to formulate an intention with yourself and commit to it .

For example, you may not go to the gym as regularly while on vacation. But for all that, you do not want to lose shape. An alternative, or goal, you can follow to avoid winter fatigue is to take leisurely walks at least once or twice a week.

Tip N° 4: Small daily efforts

Of course, it's important to stay physically active , but would you believe me if I told you that there are everyday activities that don't require too much effort?

A terrific and easily recognizable example is stairs. If the convenience of an elevator that allows you to go from one floor to another is very appreciable, it is true that it can make us a little lazy. Another example ? Stopping at a metro/bus station before, doing a bit of sport when you get out of bed, walking for ten minutes during your lunch break... These are examples among many others, it's up to you to be creative!

How to keep fit while on vacation

Tip N°5: Exercises at home

It's quite natural that the onset of cold weather doesn't help your motivation to go to the gym. But, for those moments of laziness or fatigue , there are also solutions.

A great alternative to maintaining physical activity despite the time change and freezing temperatures is to exercise at home . This is a much more convenient way to keep your workouts active, while allowing you to choose the intensity, amount and frequency of exercises. An endless number of workout routines and classes are available online: why not try a short but effective HIIT session!

Tip #6: Try yoga or meditation

Indeed, the holiday season can put some stress on your body, which will cause a drop in energy and test your resolve. Sometimes stress can translate into anxiety, and anxiety can cause you to lack motivation to continue working out or eating healthy during this break.

We recommend that you try yoga or meditation , in class or quietly at home in front of the TV. Practice a few yoga sessions at least two or three times a week, recalibrate your energies and focus your mind on your goal.

Tip #7: Take the time to organize your schedule.

Clearly, a great way to achieve the goals you want to achieve — in this case, staying in shape while on vacation — is to plan ahead . Having activities scheduled for the day can save you from stress, anxiety, or succumbing to temptation.

Tip N°8: Lemon-ginger shot: a daily boost

Thanks to its slimming properties , a glass of lemon and ginger juice in the morning (i.e. on an empty stomach) can not only help you burn fat, but also boost your immune system and keep you fit! This is an ideal recipe to give your metabolism a boost.

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