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Article: 7 good habits for effective weight loss

7 bonnes habitudes pour perdre du poids efficacement

7 good habits for effective weight loss

You are certainly looking for the best techniques to get rid of the pounds that you usually put on after the holidays. The first thing you need to get out of your mind are restrictive diets that aim to cut out certain foods in order to reduce calorie intake. The best way to achieve healthy, long-term weight loss is to adopt good habits by rebalancing your diet.

7 habits for effective weight loss

Losing weight is not something you have to fight for and make big sacrifices for: you just have to adopt good habits in your life. Restrictive diets are generally the most publicized because the results are visible more quickly and the reflection of the mirror makes you smile again.

Only beware! The more severe a diet, the more frustrating and long-term dangerous it is for your health (vitamin, calcium and iron deficiencies, general state of fatigue, etc.). So what to do? In this article, discover the 7 habits to adopt for healthy and effective weight loss!

・Habit #1: Make a habit of eating a decent breakfast every day

Never make the mistake of skipping breakfast! Remember that this is the most important meal of the day and keep in mind that fruits and proteins must be present, as well as carbohydrates which will provide you with energy during the day.

We recommend that you include oatmeal, a food with great properties that will give you energy and help you stay full until lunchtime. Prefer fresh fruit juices which will allow a better preservation of the benefits of the fruit, in particular in Vitamin C, and say goodbye to orange juice in bricks which are too rich in sugar!

Habit #2: Eliminate soft drinks and, if possible, alcoholic drinks

Added sugars are the worst enemy when you want to lose weight, because they are present in large quantities in all soft drinks. In the case of alcohol, it is not the best way to lose calories, as it is the main source of calories. However, rest assured, you can consume it in moderation from time to time, and your weight will not be affected as much.

・Habit #3: Eat at least 5-6 times a day

From a very young age, we are used to eating only 2 to 3 times a day and snacking between meals. This happens because your body needs to replenish energy that is lost over time, but when you don't eat at the right time, you can consume more calories than you need.

To lose weight, healthy snacks should be as essential as breakfast. A healthy snack nourishes your body, calms hunger and helps you in your weight loss goal by preventing you from overeating at meals. Opt for light snacks, such as fruits and cereals in small portions. They are easier to digest and do not add fat.

weight loss tips for reaverfit women

・Habit #4: Exercise is essential

You may not be the fittest person in the world, but daily cardio is best - just walking for at least 30 minutes a day will be enough to meet your body's athletic needs.

However, you should maintain a steady pace throughout your workout and avoid stopping too often during your workout. It's also a good idea to sign up for a dance class, step class, or any other athletic activity that catches your eye, in order to have fun, and help with fat loss, as you'll start building muscle and gaining endurance.

・Habit #5: Make sure you get enough sleep

For many experts, the number one rule that may be more important than diet or exercise is sleep. When you lack sleep, your hormones stop working properly, which directly impacts your weight: your brain and your body will not have enough energy to keep you active, and will therefore require more caloric foods in order to be productive during the day.

・Habit #6: Get used to eating at home

When eating out, it is difficult to determine the amount of salt, sugar and fat in a dish. Note that it is not a question of being obsessed with counting the calories that we consume, but it is good to be careful not to overdo it in one meal. We recommend that you eat at least 70% of your meals at home.

On the other hand, allow yourself to eat your favorite foods, that is, if you like a good burger, treat yourself once in a while. It's all about moderation, depending on your weight loss or mass gain goals and the length of time you've set for yourself to achieve your results.

・Habit #7: Eat your last meal before 9 p.m.

Remember that whatever you eat at night, you will not burn because you are resting. It is therefore better to eat light and eat before nine o'clock. However, by light, we don't just mean lettuce. You can easily make a salad with a basic dressing and a serving of grilled protein.

In short: Where to start to change your habits?

We know that it is not so easy to change the habits you have already adopted in your life, but it is necessary to do it step by step. Forget the word diet, it's something that will condition you throughout the process because it will make you feel like you're not reaching your goal. Start by changing one bad habit per month, change your diet by eliminating saturated fats and sugars. Everything should be done gradually.

When you have clearly defined the type of diet that suits you and maintaining it does not represent a constant effort, it is time to implement the sport, but do not try to start with intense routines. The best thing to do is to take a 30 minute walk every morning, and over time you will start to increase the intensity.

Motivation is key!

The key to successfully losing weight and changing your habits is to be motivated, create an achievable plan, and understand why you want these changes. Writing them down and keeping them handy will help you on days when you don't feel like continuing. Do not neglect this writing exercise and you will see its importance!

Don't focus on burning calories, remember that this is your body's engine to have energy and perform your daily tasks efficiently. Just avoid gorging yourself on too fatty foods, always eat them at the beginning of the day and forget to eat them at night. Finally, a healthy, balanced diet is a lifestyle that you will learn to love over time.

Don't put pressure on yourself to get quick results, you have to know that everything comes on time to who knows how to wait.

Believe in yourself !


- How to resume good eating habits?
To resume good eating habits, it is recommended to start by identifying bad habits and gradually replacing them with healthier food choices. It is also important to plan meals in advance and avoid distractions during mealtimes.

- What is the right rhythm to lose weight?
The ideal pace for weight loss depends on several factors such as age, initial weight, weight loss goal and physical activity. In general, healthy and sustainable weight loss is around 0.5 to 1 kg per week.

- How long to lose 10 kg?
The duration to lose 10 kg depends on the rate of weight loss, which is usually 0.5 to 1 kg per week. Thus, to lose 10 kg, it will take about 10 to 20 weeks, depending on the eating habits and level of physical activity of each person.

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