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Article: 4 reasons to build upper body muscles for women

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4 reasons to build upper body muscles for women

Although few women work their upper body indoors, there are plenty of reasons to do so. Women tend to build muscle only in their lower body and some do just that, wrongly! To obtain a harmonious, stronger and healthier body as a whole while losing weight, and without looking like a man (here, we put the clichés aside!), developing your upper body is essential .

Discover the 4 benefits of upper body training for women!

Improves your posture

Say goodbye to bad postures, hunched backs and forward shoulders. Many women suffer from poor posture and the main cause is a bad daily habit, especially when sitting, or a muscle imbalance. Whether for aesthetic purposes or to eliminate your back or neck pain, working the upper body is very interesting to improve your posture and avoid injuries .

Exercises for the back, shoulders and abdominal strap allow an "opening" of the rib cage. Done regularly, they will help you stand straighter . You can perform these exercises using a rubber band, dumbbells, or machines at your gym.

Better metabolism to keep losing at rest

Just like HIIT training, strength training has the power to boost metabolism. This is the perfect way to get rid of body fat . Of course, it must be implemented with a suitable diet. After a reasonable amount of time, you will begin to appreciate a more toned appearance.

Strengthening your upper body will help you gain muscle mass and, according to experts, the more of it you have, the higher your resting metabolic rate will be. In short, you'll speed up your metabolism and start burning calories without too much effort .

Another positive is that strength training allows you to continue burning calories even 72 hours after your workout. A big difference from traditional cardio.

For a more harmonious physique

If you want to get a slim waist, a flat stomach and lose the fat under your arms, working your upper body is essential! The waist circumference is very revealing of your physical shape and your fat mass rate. To have a more harmonious physique , having a slim waist has an important visual impact and very easily manages to highlight the rest of your body.

To obtain this famous thin waist, it is essential to work the abdominals without building them too much at the risk of enlarging the waist. Prefer sheathing and polyarticular exercises that effectively work the abdominal belt for a flat stomach.

Gain strength

As a woman, you may find it difficult to feel certain muscles when working them at first. By training your upper body regularly, you will quickly be able to better feel the contraction of your muscles, and develop and control your strength.

Beginners should start with a higher number of repetitions in each set because the most important thing is to first master the movement. Subsequently, for a real gain of strength, it is advisable to favor short sessions where you work on the intensity (one hour maximum).

Benefits of upper body bodybuilding for women

What muscles do you work when you train your upper body?

If you can shake off myths like “women can turn into a Schwarzy by lifting weights” or “only cardio can cut you dry,” then you'll be well on your way to training your upper body. The first step is to know the muscles that make it up to build your bodybuilding program with the right exercises and practice voluntary contraction.

The main muscles that make up the upper body are:

- The biceps and triceps of your arms
- The muscles of the forearms
- The pectorals
- Deltoids (shoulders)
- Trapezoids
- The abdominal strap
- Dorsals and rhomboids (back)

Working all of these muscles will help you improve your ability to push and pull with your arms, back, shoulders, and chest. In this sense, it is not just a workout to achieve an aesthetic physique.

If you perform these workouts continuously and regularly, you will experience better quality in all your movements. Strength doesn't go away so easily, and some people don't even lose it.

To lose fat, get a slim waist and a flat stomach, upper body strength training is essential. It's the first step to getting closer to your dream body, followed by proper nutrition and proper recovery time.

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