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Article: How to choose sports leggings: 6 tips

Comment choisir un legging de sport : 6 conseils 

How to choose sports leggings: 6 tips

Whether it's for staying at home or practicing physical activity, leggings are a must in every woman's wardrobe. Practical in all circumstances, the leggings lend themselves to all sporting activities, both running and yoga. You still have to know how to choose them correctly.

Typically, activewear brands focus on creating leggings that are soft, comfortable, and durable. The idea is for you to feel comfortable and confident throughout your workout. Nevertheless, sports leggings should not be chosen at random. Here are the factors to consider when choosing your sports bottoms.

What are the criteria for choosing a good sports legging?

Today, leggings are the sportswear that we see worn by all women in the gym. Combining aesthetics and comfort, it highlights the legs, sculpts your figure and gives a feeling of freedom of movement whatever the intensity of your sports sessions.

In order to ensure that you are always comfortable in your leggings, we recommend that you take into account the various points presented below.

#1. Make sure your leggings aren't see-through

To avoid finding yourself in an embarrassing situation in the gym, it is imperative to ensure that your leggings are not transparent. To be sure, we advise you to check the materials used for the manufacture of the sports leggings that interest you. In general, a blend of nylon, polyester and spandex is ideal for good opacity and optimal strength for squat proof.

Leggings that are too small or too dark underwear under light-colored leggings are two additional points to pay attention to. Opt for underwear in the same color as the leggings and make sure that the size of your garment corresponds to you.

No. 2. Find the right size

It has never been a good idea to buy or choose a garment by eye, at the risk of getting the wrong size. When it comes to leggings, you need to focus on your size and your waistline is what will determine if they fit you well. They should neither fall out during exercise nor be too tight. The leggings are made from a stretch material, which is why sometimes a size above the usual size is recommended. Thus, pay attention to the size guide which can vary considerably according to each sports brand.

Woman choosing her sports leggings

No. 3. Check the quality of the seams

Imagine doing a squat and the seam giving way, that certainly wouldn't be the best memory or workout you'll ever have. There are flimsy seams that tend to tear with the slightest stretch or in the washing machine.

Seamless leggings, called "seamless", are designed to overcome this problem. The seams are minimized, even non-existent, also with the aim of reducing unpleasant friction points when moving and guaranteeing perfect support during exercise.

Seamless leggings have become a reference and a specialty of the Reaverfit brand, which offers awide choice of seamless leggings . They are designed from Nylon fabric combining breathability, comfort and resistance.

#4. With or without print?

For fans of colorful leggings with an eye-catching pattern, it is obvious that time and multiple washings reduce their color, which can make them duller and less attractive than originally.

You don't want to put a cross on this type of leggings and want to wash them without damaging them? It is essential to keep in mind that sportswear does not wash like the others. Ideally, for the bravest, washing should be done by hand with warm water and a little soap. Or, choose a delicate wash cycle at 30°C maximum, avoiding using fabric softener which clogs the fibers and neutralizes the absorbent effect of the garment.

No. 5. The importance of good breathability

The best materials for good moisture absorption are Nylon and Polyester, both of which allow your sports leggings to breathe, regulate your temperature, resist tears perfectly and also give you the necessary elasticity to adapt perfectly to your anatomy.

We recommend that you choose it based on these materials if you practice high intensity sports or exercises that require great mobility such as Crossfit, yoga, weight training, running, cycling, among others.

No. 6. Value for money is also important

Nobody wants to buy sportswear that is very expensive and does not have the expected quality. Therefore, do not get carried away only by the beauty of the model. It is important to carefully check the materials used and the type of finish.

So, if you buy online, consult the customer reviews to ensure the quality of the product and make the best choice without making mistakes.

Do leggings always have to be well-known brands?

In this sense, the question of brand and quality is recurrent, with some people claiming that sportswear must be purchased from reputable stores in order to be of very good quality. The detail of this statement lies in the fact that there are thousands of brands dedicated to leggings, many of which have only been on the market for a short time.

So they don't have the fame of Nike or other similar brands, but they can offer you sports leggings at an affordable price and offer you modern models that adapt perfectly to your body. It therefore does not depend on the brand you buy, but on the quality of the fabrics and the finish of the seams.

Remember that your leggings should be changed from time to time.

No matter how good the leggings you wear every day should be changed at least every 12 months to avoid any embarrassing accidents during training. Over time and use, they begin to stretch, the seams can break, and the fabric isn't as thick as it was when it started. So avoid inconvenience and change your leggings regularly.


1. What is the difference between joggers and leggings?

Joggers are loose and comfortable sportswear, while leggings are tight-fitting garments that hug the curves of the body. Both can be used for sports, but offer different levels of support and comfort.

2. Which underwear under sports leggings?

For sports leggings, it is recommended to wear underwear that does not create creases or chafing, such as seamless and breathable underwear. Cotton underwear can retain moisture and cause chafing.

3. What is the best brand of sports leggings?

The best brand of sports leggings is subjective and depends on individual preferences. The "Reaverfit" brand is renowned for its premium push-up leggings , but it's important to choose a brand that meets your needs for comfort, support, and style.

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