How to choose the right sports bra?

Finding a suitable sports bra is not always an easy task! Athletes tend to pamper their sports outfits and opt for the most comfortable sneakers. But too often, bras are left behind. Wrong! Choosing a sports bra is as important as a pair of sneakers in your size . There are different types of bra , depending on the sport you practice and your chest size , which is why it is essential to know how to choose it well!

Tips for choosing the right sports bra

The task is often more complicated than expected when you are faced with all the bra options available on the market. To avoid complications, here are some tips to consider:

Avoid underwire

For maximum comfort, avoid bras with an underwire , whether you have large breasts or not. These can cause friction and sometimes very unpleasant irritation during your session.

Of course, support is precious, but a quality non-wired bra can also provide you with the support you need! The same goes for the seams:Reaverfit offers seamless sports bras to give you support while having the feeling of wearing nothing , or even moderate light support!

· Choose the right sustain level: high, medium or low sustain?

When we talk about high, medium or low impact , we are referring to the type and intensity of the sport you do.

Sports bras with high support are perfect if you do bodypump, football, running, crossfit or dance.

A bra with medium support will help you in moderate impact sports such as fitness , walking, cycling.

Finally, the bra offering light support is ideal for lovers of Pilates and yoga. This type of bra does not require too much support, and can ideally be slightly stretchy to allow you maximum freedom of movement while maintaining good support.

Find the best material for your sports bra

It might seem obvious that it's important to know what material your sports bra is made of , but many women don't pay attention to this. Nylon is appreciated for its resistance with low absorbency, which allows your bra to dry very quickly.

Indeed, it is also important that it is a 100% breathable material and, in addition to Nylon, Lycra is an excellent alternative. This way you can regulate perspiration and avoid irritation.

Reaverfit Cali Halterneck Sports Bra Midnight BlueMidnight Blue Reaverfit Cali Halterneck Sports Bra

What is the approximate price of a good sports bra?

The average price of a quality sports bra is between 20 and 45 euros . However, it should not be the only criterion of choice because a good sports bra must not only allow you to remain comfortable throughout your training sessions , but above all must be able to protect your chest from strong impacts.

How often should they be changed?

It is advisable to change the bra when the support begins to give way . This usually varies depending on the quality of your sports bra.

It also varies depending on the intensity of your sports sessions, your exercises and the consistency with which you exercise.

Come quickly and find the Reaverfit sports bra you need!

Purple Reaverfit Comfort Sports Bra

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