Athleisure trend: what is it and why adopt it?

The Athleisure trend - a trend that's here to stay!

Athleisure is one of the hottest fashion trends that has taken the world by storm. It's a mix of activewear and casualwear, with the goal being to provide comfortable clothing that can be worn for exercise as well as for a drink.

Athleisure clothing is not only for gym and fitness fanatics, but also for those looking for a casual, comfortable and stylish style.

What is the Athleisure trend?

To understand this trend, you have to know where its name comes from. "Athleisure" combines the words "Athlete" and "leisure". This trend is all about pairing activewear made from technical fabrics, typically used for exercise, and adding a few pieces from your casual wardrobe.

The goal is to achieve an outfit that is comfortable, functional and fashionable at the same time. Many brands have designed special pieces for this trend. Although it has become popular nowadays, its appearance dates back to the 80s/90s in the United States. However, this fad was fully embraced and managed to gain momentum only from 2016.

Today, the athleisure trend is embraced by many famous people around the world, which perhaps explains its great popularity. It's a style with which you can be active and stylish throughout the day and whatever your activity.

How to adopt the Athleisure fashion?

Like all fashions, it is essential to understand its principles in order to adopt it in the best way and without fashion faux pas.

Thinking about comfort is essential

This trend aims to maintain the balance between maximum comfort and, at the same time, an elegant appearance without having to make a big effort every morning.

It is a style that is characterized by the fact that you can apply it to different situations and you will always look as comfortable as it is trendy, whether you are at the gym, the supermarket or the office. So, when composing your sporty outfit, you must take care to add pieces that offer you comfort at all times but also the classiest pieces of your wardrobe such as a blazer jacket.

Example of Athleisure style

Oversized pieces combined with tight pieces

Oversized pants combined with a crop top , or leggings with an oversized t-shirt?

Loose t-shirts and sweaters combined with shorts or leggings are outfits that have been seen on social media for several years and are still very popular for the comfort and the "effortlessly trendy" feeling that they bring. bring. This trend has been further accentuated since the various stay-at-home periods and the comfortable sports leggings paired with the oversized t-shirt or a stylish sports bra have been the best choice for many. Feel free to add a pair of sunglasses to your look.

The pair of comfortable sneakers, a key piece

Sneakers are the official shoes of the athleisure style. You'll stay comfortable at all times and look great whether you're working out or going out for coffee with friends. It is a fashion where you can convey your personality in the easiest way.

What kind of women is it for?

Active women want to look their best and that's what athleisure delivers. Combining the utmost in comfort and style, this on-trend style of clothing is ideal for those who want to be as comfortable at the gym as they are out hanging out with friends.

Athleisure is the trend of the moment, made to last and to shake up dress codes. Much more than a fashion, athleisure promotes a healthy and active lifestyle and proves that style and comfort go hand in hand.

Example of Athleisure Reavefit style

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