How to find the motivation to play sports in winter?

It is well known that the few hours of natural light, the cold or the rain are factors that can discourage you from doing your daily exercises. We are more likely to lie still on the warm sofa but this is obviously not the best decision because the cold and the lack of exposure to the sun tend to create a greater need to eat.

It is therefore essential that you boost your motivation to keep in shape all winter long and that you maintain your physical training even during the most difficult months of the year. Here are some tips for staying motivated at all times.

So how do you stay motivated to play sports in winter? Here are our 5 tips:

With the arrival of autumn, the number of hours of sunshine in the day begins to decrease, which causes your body to produce more melatonin and to activate later than usual. So if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and continue to exercise, we recommend the following.

・Tip #1: Practice with other people

One of the main ways to motivate yourself to exercise during the winter is to share your "suffering" with someone else. Indeed, knowing that you don't have to do your workout alone and that you can share your routines with someone else is a way to stimulate and keep your motivation.

Combining sport and sharing in winter is a way to commit to training so as not to disappoint your partner. The group effect allows you to encourage each other to fight against the slack without making false excuses. Set a regular date with your gym partner and your workout will suddenly take a fixed place in your diary!

・Tip #2: Remember the goal you set for yourself

When you start out in the world of sport, you always have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, and it's a way to motivate yourself, both in winter and at other times of the year. The urge to throw in the towel often appears repeatedly, either out of weariness or simply because you don't see the expected results quickly.

So when you consider giving up and sleeping in, remind yourself of why you embarked on a daily routine, what the real purpose of your workouts was, and how you'll feel after doing them. carried out.

You can even make a list of all your responses, reminding yourself of the results you would so love to achieve, and post it somewhere you can see it every day. It's a simple but effective way to motivate yourself even on days when you don't feel like moving.

・Tip # 3: Adapt your entire wardrobe to the weather

The acquisition of new sportswear is an additional motivating factor! In the effort, have fun! We banish the paint-stained t-shirt and the worn wide jogging from our closet and we dare a new feminine and ultra-trendy look!

Choose bras adapted to your morphology, long-sleeved tops and leggings that will highlight your figure to motivate you to go to the gym. As you adapt your wardrobe to the new season, you might even be impatient for the weather to change so that you finally have the opportunity to put on your new sportswear!

Woman in Reaverfit Motivational Winter Sportswear

・Tip #4: Always try to eat healthy

We've all heard that in winter we tend to eat more. With the cold weather also come the "cravings" to eat foods that are as good as they are high in calories. You don't have to cut them out completely, in fact your body needs a bit more to have the energy and performance you need for every workout. What you should avoid is incorporating them into your daily diet.

To resist winter aggressions and boost your immune defenses, you must pay more attention to vitamin D, because the lack of sunlight no longer gives you enough during the day. So complete your diet with foods rich in minerals (soya, green vegetables, bananas, fish, etc.) and vitamins (avocado, lentils, chickpeas, etc.). Forget heavy and fatty foods, instead add balanced meals made up of 60% fresh and natural products to your day. This is the perfect time to enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables.

・Tip #5: Take advantage of every minute of sunshine the day gives you

Even on the shortest days, you will benefit from a few hours of natural light. Put on your layers of clothes and go for some outdoor exercise or a simple 30-minute walk a day in the morning or at lunchtime. Outdoor sport helps you fight against seasonal depression because the sun's rays will provide you with vitamin D, which will prevent you from feeling tired and demotivated all winter long.

Studies prove that natural light regulates mood. You will not only feel more energetic but also more joyful and serene. In this way, you will boost your motivation to go to training and complete your daily tasks.

Why is it so hard to find motivation in winter?

Various studies have shown that the coldest and darkest months of the year have a direct impact on your body. The first days of their arrival are the most difficult; you probably feel extremely tired and want to stay in bed all day. Hormones can get a little out of control due to lack of light and vitamin D, among other things. If you combine this with too heavy a diet and too little exercise, the result will be that your mood will remain low and you may even feel sad for no apparent reason.

To avoid this, the ideal is to stay active. More complicated said than done, isn't it? However, keep in mind that the hard part is getting there! As soon as you walk through the door of your gym, you won't ask yourself any more questions.

Participating in regular physical activity will not only keep you in good spirits and in good shape during the months when you usually consume the most calories, but it will also give you all the energy you need to carry out your tasks with ease.

Finally, setting clear goals for yourself during these months will be a great way to keep you motivated. Also, create a healthy, non-restrictive diet to follow throughout the winter. Planning is a way to motivate yourself day after day to achieve your sports results.

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