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Article: 5 tips to overcome your fear of the gym

Vaincre sa peur d'aller a la salle de sport femme

5 tips to overcome your fear of the gym

There is perhaps no more intimidating place for a woman than the weight room in the gym. “If I can't set this machine up properly, what will other people think of me ? Is there a hidden space so others can't see me? I'll be ridiculous with my little weights , what will they think of me? This fear of being judged or even the fear of the gaze of others can prevent you from being yourself, and from focusing on your goals despite all your desire to get into sport.

The goal is to break down the mental barriers that keep you from walking through the door to your gym. To prevent these sources of anxiety from destroying your motivation, discover our strategies and tips you can use to train with confidence.

5 tips for overcoming fear of the gym

Remember we all go through this

You're new, you're just starting out, you don't know anything about it… So what? Remember that every person, no matter how muscular, started at the same stage as you. Do you think it's fair to compare yourself to people who have been training for years? At this moment, the implacable judge is YOU and only you because feeling ridiculous is only a matter of interpretation . Instead, focus on doing your exercises well to avoid focusing on your anxieties.

Call on a coach or practitioner

One of the most common sources of anxiety is the fear of doing wrong . You have such high demands on yourself that you dread the idea of ​​trying out a machine.

You can relieve yourself of this fear by calling on a coach or even a practitioner who will have the pleasure of sharing his passion with you. Do not focus on the people around you and what they may think, but rather on what they have to offer.

When you meet a coach for the first time, you learn what you can do, how to go about achieving your goals, and what methods you can use to achieve them.

It is true that the bodybuilding platform is even more widely frequented by men. And it very often happens that some practitioners approach beginners as well as regulars to give them some advice on posture or movement correction. Keep in mind that these people have above all a sporting spirit: see there only benevolence, enough to feel even more comfortable.

Avoid peak hours (between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.)

 At rush hour, the crowds in the gyms can scare more than one. In addition to not being able to follow the order of exercises in your sports program, it is very common to have to share a machine with one or more other people.

For your first steps in the gym, we advise you to go to the gym outside of peak hours to allow you to familiarize yourself with the machines quietly and without stress. These peak times vary by gym, day and time.

Test different gyms before choosing one

Each franchise or gym very often has a target clientele. Some will be aimed more at a young target audience by offering them a very competitive price, others at advanced athletes by offering a wider choice of machines, etc.

Choosing one gym over another is essential and can greatly help you feel more comfortable. Most gyms offer a free session: take advantage of this and evaluate all possible options before signing up.

Find a partner to practice with

Overcoming your fear of the weight room is not an easy task when you are alone. On the contrary, going to the gym with a friend will help you relax and focus on your workout . It is also a source of motivation.

This is especially a great option when the people you are meeting with are already experienced.

Good preparation can reduce your anxiety

Galvanized by your back-to-school resolutions, you have taken out a subscription to a gym. Bravo, a good part of the effort has been provided. But faced with the unknown, it can be strategic to precisely determine your objectives and prepare your session beforehand .

· Set realistic goals

Before you get (back) into sport, you must set yourself short, medium and long-term goals. It's common to want to start a new routine to get rid of the extra pounds, but it's essential to be realistic and understand that you won't see results overnight.

To avoid becoming disillusioned too quickly, you need to set realistic time periods in which you want to see new progress. Discover our 8 tips on how to set sports goals and how to achieve your sports goals in 4 steps .

Prepare your sports program upstream

It is important to go to the gym with its sports program prepared in advance . The number of exercises, series and repetitions must be specified so as not to lose you, to remain concentrated and efficient. A sports program must be precise and measurable, and must be adapted to your objectives (weight loss, muscle mass gain, muscle building, etc.).

Find out how to make an effective mass gain program for women if that is your goal.

tips for overcoming fear of going to the gym

Ready to start your gym workout?

It is normal to feel fear when embarking on a new goal and a new place. Attending a gym is something that can generate a lot of doubts and worries. Rest assured, this fear is only temporary and you will acquire all the confidence you will need without even realizing it.

Finally, don't be ashamed of being afraid of the gym - it's something many people experience the first time they go to a gym, at the sight of much more experienced athletes. To overcome your anxieties, keep in mind the goals you want to achieve.

Tip: it's very easy to quickly boost your self-confidence by equipping yourself with a nice Reaverfit sports outfit that will highlight your figure!

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